Behind The Police Report Podcast

Meet the Team

Meet the two guys who wanted to start a Podcast to talk about IT stuff, and lot’s more. What started out as monthly lunch conversations is now online for you to listen to. Thanks for being patient with us as we find our groove.

Joey Police

Founder, Host

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Joey Police is a Christian, Husband, Father, Information Security Consultant, CISO, Web Designer, Nerd, Geek, and all things technology enthusiast. Currently, Joey is the CIO/CISO for the YMCA of Central KY. For a more detailed look at his professional CV, here is his LinkedIn profile.

Over the past 20 years, Joey has developed his passion for technology into specific areas. Many of these areas are now focused on how he can help other families, and small businesses implement secure practices into their lives. In addition to technology, Joey has been on a steady diet of science fiction books, movies and culture most of his life. As he now a father of three amazing kids (7,9,11) he is eager to share his passions with his kids, but to do so in a gradual patern which can nuture a healthy perspective and balance.

His goal with this podcast series is to help inform, entertain and teach individuals who can benefit from his experience and mistakes. "I love teaching technology. I have a passion for the kids of the next generation, and how God can use me to mentor not only my own children, but perhaps influence others with this podcast. And, if we can have some laughs along the way...that would be okay too." Joey and his wife of 15 years reside in KY.

Founder, Host

A husband and father of four, Matthew Snoddy brings an independent spirit and a love of conversation to the Police Report podcast. A muscle and sports car fanatic, a former general aviation pilot, an avid boater, Matthew spends less time on pop culture and more on going fast and enjoying the outdoors as a way to offset the time he spends working on networks and in security.

A computer professional with a career starting in 1994, Matthew is a computer forensic examiner, IT consultant, and administrator for many businesses across Kentucky. He currently holds two roles, one as president of his own IT consulting company, Network Therapists, Inc., in Lexington, and the other as partner and a certified computer forensic examiner for CLI Discovery in Lexington and Louisville.

Matthew is a supporter of the arts, volunteers on various boards of directors, is a former state-certified foster parent, bourbon aficionado and sometimes dresses as Darth Vader.

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