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We will try to post weekly shows, but in all reality it will be every 2 weeks. Please subscribe!

The Startup Cast

Hosted ByJoey Police

A new Podcast about technology! The Police Report explores new and innovative ideas, cutting edge technology, AI, hardware, software, trends and more.

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Espresso – The Coffee Podcast

Hosted ByJoey Police

Start your day, lunch break or end your day with the coffee talk podcast! Here we will discuss health, wellness, some great family talks, and all around good conversation.

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Who We Are

A long time ago…

Just kidding. Matthew and Joey have been long time colleagues and friends for the past 15 years. Over lunch one afternoon, the idea (by Matthew) came up on how much fun it would be to actually record some of the conversations we have and turn them into Podcast episodes. Fast forward 2 years, and Joey is a weekly guest on the Podcast. He found that there is a lot more that he could contribute to his various skills, talents and hobbies…so he started “The Police Report” (which was also Matthew’s idea to name it that). Fast forward to today, and the two have ventured down this rabbit hole of Podcasting, to see if they can get 2 subscribers that will listen to them ramble on for 45 min each episode.

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